Optimesa: Optical Engineering and Product Development

Below are a selection of project examples which provide an idea of the scope and breadth of our work. The majority of work cannot be shown due to client confidentiality agreements. More applications are outlined in a general way on the Home page.


Holographic laser scanner assembly for an Army helicopter obstacle avoidance system. This project involved intensive process development for environmental stability, the integration of complex multilayer coating for stray light rejection, and wet chemical processing of photosensitive films. The optical element is 6 inch diameter and spins at 10,000 RPM.


Three-axis common aperture star tracker telescope featuring a multiplexed holographic Schmidt corrector optic. Software models were developed to facilitate process convergence during device fabrication. The mechanical structure was machined out of a single aluminum billet and stress relieved multiple times during the machining process. The optical element is 3 inch diameter.

VOA No Lid

Telecom hermetic 4 channel fiber variable optical attenuator. At the outset, automation methods were designed in conjunction with the device. A modular approach was utilized wherein subassemblies were built and tested, then integrated. The device is 46 x 34 x 12 mm.

Optogrip Tooling

High-precision fiber optic positioning systems. Multi-axis placement of single mode fibers in MEMs switch assembly (left). Micro-manipulator for griping and positioning fibers in the assembly process (right).

VOA BD Optics
VOA LC Optics

Miniature optics assemblies utilizing passive alignment through designed in tolerances, low stress kinematic mounting, and laser welded attachment. Components were designed to perform against Telcordia thermal, shock, and vibration environments.

VOA BD Optics
VOA LC Optics

Automated laser welding system for fiber optic component production. This project involved the development of multi-axis positioning systems and weld schedules. Laser welding is the preferred attachment method for repeatable, high precision, epoxy free applications.

VOA BD Optics
Phase Shift Pic

Simultaneous phase shifting interferometer development. A compact, monolithic, and thermally stable three-sensor module structure (left) enables precision phase shifting interferometry. Microsecond data capture intervals assure accurate measurements even in extreme vibration environments.